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Rockford Area Events and Activities

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The Rockford Area Museum would like to extend our thanks to all those who attended the Museum or purchased items from our sales. We had over 200 visitors over the weekend, which is a non-reopening weekend record! 

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   Rockford Area Historical Society

          Program Plans for 2022 -2023



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                          John Sjogren was a proud Rockford area citizen and an equally proud member of the

                          US Army during WWII.  To read a 2011 Rockford Squire article that recaps his story                                            of heroism that made him a national hero and Rockford's only Medal of Honor recipient.

                         On August 19, 2016, on what would have been his 100th birthday, a statue of John

                         Sjogren was dedicated in front of the RAM.  Just in time for Memorial Day, 2017, a new

                         John Sjogren exhibit was installed inside the RAM.  The exhibit includes a large graphic     

                         showing a WELCOME HOME parade through downtown Rockford in 1945 and a

                         showcase holding a Purple Heart awarded to Sjogren, a photo of the Medal of Honor

                         being presented to Sjogren by President Truman, and the actual Medal of Honor.   A       

                         take home brochure tells Sjogren's story and the history of the Medal.  This new

exhibit is positioned near our other military displays and artifacts dating back to the Civil War.

                                                           Thank you for your continued support.




Businesses in communities with active museums benefit from those museums. Seventy-eight percent of all U.S. leisure travelers participate in cultural or heritage activities such as visiting museums.

These travelers spend 63 percent more on average than other leisure travelers.


The Rockford Area Historical Society supports the entire community by operating the RAM six days a week and providing services including including monthly programs, special tours, and research assistance FOR BUSINESSES, SCHOOLS, SCOUTS, AND INDIVIDUALS... ALL FREE OF CHARGE


We are asking all area businesses to consider a small one time donation to the RAM.    $50 from each business would cover approximately 40% of our budget for 2018.  If that is not affordable, any amount will be appreciated.  Of course, larger donations would be extremely helpful and appreciated.  We promise to repay your generosity by working hard to benefit the entire community.

More info can be found at the top of this page.  

For details, please call Ian McCormick at (616)443-2676 or use the CONTACT page of this website.

Donations can be sent to:  

RAM, PO Box 781, Rockford, MI 49341

                                                     Thank You

Local Restaurants help the RAM with


 As soon as fund raising for the new RAM began, two of Rockford's fine Restaurants Joined forces to offer        

                           FREE MEALS

with our popular Scratch Off Card fund raiser.  Visitors simply scratch off a silver spot on a game card to reveal a small dollar amount ranging from 5o cents to $3.  Then, a donation in the amount revealed will win a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE certificate from either Marinade's Pizza or Grill 111 in downtown Rockford.  Marinade's features gourmet wood fired pizza.  You'll LOVE it.

Grill 111 is a great restaurant reminiscent of some of the finest intimate bistros in Chicago's Old Town. 


This is a real WIN - WIN opportunity.  Save on a great meal and support the museum all at the same time.  Scratch Off cards are available at the RAM during regular hours and at the Historical Society monthly meetings.  If you  are planning an evening out in downtown Rockford, stop at the museum first for a terrific dining deal.  Please thank our friends at these restaurants for their generous support of the museum.

The Rockford Area Historical Society

founded to preserve, protect, and

honor the rich heritage of the entire Rockford area including

the city of Rockford and the surrounding townships of Algoma,  Cannon, Courtland, and Plainfield.




2nd Grade students from Rockford area Elementary Schools visit the museum every year.  Trained docents, mostly former teachers, point out items of interest to the young students and explain how life was much different many years ago. 


The following volunteers are currently hosting this year's 2nd grade classes:

Kathy Christensen who schedules the tours, and...

​Carla Blandford           Madge Bolt              Linda Critchell      Marilyn Drumm               Kirsten Farmer               Carlene Stamp          Jon Stamp 

We thank the Rockford Public Schools for including Rockford's history in its 2nd grade curriculum, and the teachers and parents who join the students to make these tours possible.  This April and May, over 700 students and 300 adults are expected to pass through the RAM.                     


As students visit the New RAM, their interest is truly captured by the family friendly exhibits.  Each year, several 2nd graders return to show the museum to parents and grandparents.


The RAM's goal has always been to make it enjoyable for young visitors to learn about Rockford's history.  It is very gratifying to see that happening.

Quickly Growing



                                       Preserving our memories of PEOPLE, not THINGS


We have all mourned over the fact that when someone we know passes, we lose not only their presence in our lives, but also their vast knowledge and precious memories.

RAMemories is a service that will help to preserve stories and memories of those people as only they can tell them.

Future generations who may not get a chance to meet these people will still know their images, voices, and memories. 


Here is how it works: A video recording of a participating person will be made as he or she relates their favorite stories of life in Rockford.  They may be joined by someone they choose to act as interviewer or they can just have a pleasant one on one chat guided by one of our staff members. 


The recording sessions will be done primarily at the new RAM but could be done at other locations.  After editing, a DVD copy of the recording will be given to the guest.  Additional copies will be made available for friends and family.  A copy willbe saved in RAM files for viewing later when othersw may want to see them.

If you or a loved one who has long and strong Rockford area ties would like to record those memories, please send us a note by filling out the form on the "Contact" page of this website.  TIME SLOTS ARE FILLING QUICKLY


                  We hope you will consider participating.  We look forward to hearing from you.


616 866-2235



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